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Taiwan Mahjong

The classic game of Mahjong has brought much enjoyment to many lives. A game of concentration and strategy, Mahjong has proven to be popular, not just in its homeland of China but right across the world. Since the appearance of Mahjong on personal computers in the early 1980’s and then on games consoles in the latter part of the decade, Mahjong has become a much loved game for all of the family, allowing users to play alone and in two-player mode. Unfortunately, in the early days, the computer versions of Mahjong were based on the Solitaire format and not true to the games original roots as a four player game, this changed with the release of Taiwan Mahjong on computers which allowed the user to play against other friends and family or take on computer generated opponents. The introduction of the internet has also given the chance for people to pit their wits against other Taiwan Mahjong enthusiasts from across the world.

Playing the game

Taiwan Mahjong (also known as Taiwanese Mahjong) is very close to the traditional Mahjong style of gameplay, although instead of each player being given 13 tiles at the dealt hand, they are given 16. Like all other versions of Mahjong the number and types of tiles are the same, 144 tiles, three sets of numerical tiles (numbered 1-9) with 36 tiles in each set known as suits, 16 wind cards and 12 dragon cards known as honor cards and four of each flower and seasons cards. The three sets of suit tiles each have different names related to their pattern, these are Bamboo, dots or balls and character tiles. The wind tiles are labeled north, south, east and west while the dragon tiles represent red dragon, green dragon and white dragon. Flower and seasons tiles are used in the game as bonus tiles and are designed accordingly: Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Bamboo and spring, summer, autumn, winter each represent East, South, West and North respectively.

In Taiwan Mahjong it is the play that is east that begins the game, and that player will receive one extra tile to start the game (17 as opposed to 16). Once each player has selected tiles, they are required to make a wall, placing all tiles face down. The first player (East) will then proceed to look through there wall and decided will of the tiles they have is not going to benefit them in the game, having discarded tat tile they can then choose another from the remaining tiles in the middle. This process continues around the table, with the player on the right of east taking the next turn. The winner of the game will be the person that has five suits, four triples (either the same suit or identical) and a pair of tiles, this will be achieved by continuing the draw and discard method. If no player has managed to achieved this feat and all tiles are used up, the game will be called a draw and either restarted or a new game selected.