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Keep One Mahjong Pair - One Strategy for Successful Playing

Keeping one mahjong pair means that you should have two tiles that are of the same type. Once this pair is available you should go along with the same type of tile within the playing surface that is displayed at that moment. Through the use of this mahjong pair you will get the chance to achieve a Pung when playing or even a Kong.

There is also another strategy that you need to make use of and this goes for being patient. You must wait for some time before using this pair. This moment can be the most appropriate by the time you have fewer tiles that you need to pair further. More than this, the specific saved pair will help you gain more points later into the game.

If for instance, at a certain moment while playing Mahjong you are given the opportunity to make a Kong, then by all means make use of the pair that you have saved. In this way you will make more points seeing this move as an advantage that works for you as a winning strategy.

This strategy will require for more attention on your behalf. You must watch out that the tiles left on the playing surface should be the ones to support the saved pair. In case the tiles left become un-pair-able, then saving the Mahjong tiles pair proves to be ineffective. You should make sure that the pair becomes playable for any other move you need to make at this point of the playing.

Making use of a mahjong pair in the correct manner will enable you to keep away from dealing with another player thus taking this strategy into your advantage. One pair needs to be used by the time when more other tiles have been already played. In this way you won't allow any other player to steal the points that you can make.