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When Should You Benefit from Discarded Mahjong Tiles

Playing Mahjong is an interesting and challenging game but it requires paying a lot of your attention in your attempt to win as many points as possible that will make you win over your opponent. With every game that you play you can gain more experience that will help you develop your own strategies in achieving your purpose: winning points.

One strategy can be developed in relation to the discarded Mahjong tiles when playing this game. There should be a specific moment when these tiles can be taken in order to help you perform a winning move. These discarded tiles are the ones that the opponent makes no use of. But while they are useless for the opponent, they can become very useful to your strategy.

But as mentioned above, there should be a specific moment when these tiles can be taken and this is not necessarily right after they have been discarded. There are some things to consider before grabbing at these left-aside tiles. Read on and find out about these aspects:

One good idea for you to make use of when getting the discarded Mahjong tiles is to dispose of these ones first in case there is nothing for you to use into pairing. Once reaching for removing discarded tiles that have been previously disposed of, will enable you to get these ones out of the play. Thus your discarded tiles will not be used by your opponent in helping them to figure out your own strategic moves that you have in the meanwhile developed.